I write software

Mat Brown


Right now I’m working with React, Redux, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, AngularJS, and Algolia.

In the past, I’ve also worked with ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Riak, jQuery, MySQL, Solr, and Java.



Engineering Lead, Engineering Manager

  • As project lead for high-profile integration with Apple Music, managed development timeline, did week-to-week project planning, and closely supported team of six developers at all stages of implementation, from technical architecture design to code review. Delivered project on time with build window of two months
  • Played the same role for Song Stories pilot with YouTube, with on time delivery after three-month build
  • Planned and executed strategic and technical overhaul of programmatic revenue stream, resulting in actual 2017 revenue double initial projections
  • Managed full-stack engineering team of seven engineers, fostering a culture of technical curiosity and rigor
  • Designed and built major technical components of the Genius Web Annotator, including the algorithm that maintains stable annotation highlights on external webpages with changing content and structure, and the genius.it proxy that enables annotation of any webpage with no special software needed
  • Upgraded server-side application runtime from Ruby 1.8 to Ruby 2, patching legacy Rails version for compatibility
  • Introduced edge caching to our site’s infrastructure, allowing us to handle sudden song release traffic spikes of double our usual throughput without affecting site performance


Creator, Maintainer

  • Built web-based code editor for ScriptEd students to use in classroom
  • Similar to JS Bin or CodePen, but focused on educational use case
  • Gives students immediate and legible feedback on errors in code; supports classroom workflows
  • Adopted as the official editing environment for ScriptEd Foundations starting in 2016–2017 school year
  • Continue to maintain and improve with team of 35 open source contributors

Code Nation (formerly ScriptEd)

Volunteer classroom instructor

  • Taught HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a high school classroom of 25 students twice a week in a team of four volunteers
  • As lead teacher every fourth week, planned and delivered lessons
  • Served on ScriptEd’s curriculum design committee, now member of Code Nation curriculum council by invitation

Learning Apache Cassandra



Creator, Maintainer

  • Ruby ORM backed by Cassandra
  • Initially built it at Brewster, continued to maintain it after leaving, releasing a major new version targeting CQL3
  • Built support for advanced CQL3 features like atomic collection mutation through intuitive Ruby interface
  • Handed off maintenance to another contributor, still maintained


Software Engineer

  • Transitioned data storage from PostgreSQL and MongoDB to Cassandra and Riak, enabling us to scale our dataset beyond the capacity of a single-instance database
  • Designed system for coordinating interdependent, asynchronous jobs that together comprise a task whose exact composition is not known at the outset
  • Used Riak map-reduce to speed up core identity merge calculation, reducing account creation time by an order of magnitude


, Technical Co-Founder, January 2011–June 2011


, Creator, Maintainer, October 2008–August 2011


, Principal Software Engineer, April 2008–December 2010

Time Out New York

, Online Developer, February 2007–March 2008

YB Services

, Director of Web Development, September 2006–February 2007


, Enterprise Help Desk Analyst I, September 2005–August 2006


A playlist with a few tech talks I’ve given can be found at goo.gl/6se1rm


Dartmouth College

B.A. Cum Laude, Computer Science modified with Linguistics