Mat Brown

I’m a full-stack software engineer with twelve years’ experience working on consumer-facing applications, primarily on the web. I’ve built software to scale in traffic, data size, and product complexity. I’m most effective as a technical lead, splitting my time between writing code to tackle challenging technical problems, and supporting my colleagues in doing the same.

Lately I’ve been working with React, Redux, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, AngularJS, Docker, and Algolia. In the past, I’ve also worked with ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Riak, Erlang, MongoDB, jQuery, MySQL, Solr, Java, and PHP.

Recent Highlights


Engineering Lead, Engineering Manager

  • Designed and implemented the annotation highlight anchoring algorithm for the Genius Web Annotator, clearing the major technical hurdle for Genius’s core vision of annotation across the web.
  • Took over full responsibility for Genius’s programmatic revenue stream for the year 2017, overhauling demand integrations and creating a system for detailed analysis of programmatic performance, resulting in total programmatic revenue for that year double our initial projections.


Creator, Maintainer

  • Identified need for student-focused code editing environment while volunteering for Code Nation; built CodePen-like environment from the ground up in React and Redux.
  • Popcode is now the official editing environment for Code Nation’s first-year curriculum, used by over a thousand students every day of class. It’s also an open-source project with over 30 contributors and active development ongoing.


Software Engineer

  • After original PostgreSQL/MongoDB data storage solution proved unable to accommodate our data sets, migrated to Cassandra and Riak, clearing major scaling hurdle for launch of the product.
  • Re-implemented core identity merge calculation as a Riak MapReduce, reducing account creation time by an order of magnitude.

Work Experience


, Engineering Lead, Engineering Manager, May 2013–December 2018


, Software Engineer, July 2011–May 2013


, Technical Co-Founder, January 2011–June 2011


, Principal Software Engineer, April 2008–December 2010

Time Out New York

, Online Developer, February 2007–March 2008

YB Services

, Director of Web Development, September 2006–February 2007


, Enterprise Help Desk Analyst I, September 2005–August 2006

Open Source


, HTML/CSS/JavaScript editor for students, July 2015–present


, Ruby ORM backed by Cassandra, April 2012–September 2015


, Solr search library for Ruby, October 2008–August 2011


Code Nation

, volunteer classroom instructor, September 2014–April 2018

Learning Apache Cassandra

, published February 2015


Dartmouth College

, B.A. Cum Laude, Computer Science modified with Linguistics, 2005